So my boyfriend has anxiety and the occasional panic attack, especially when he’s upset, and I’m not properly equipped to help him deal with them.
Can anyone out there please give me advise on how to help him get through a panic attack if/when he has another? I don’t get them myself so I can’t…

I get them regularly, so I get what he’s going through, and how the people around us don’t really know how to help us. It just depends on the panic/anxiety attack at the time. Sometimes walking or pacing around for a while calms me down. Other times my mother holds me tight and tells me to calm down and just breathe. Let him know it’s just a panic attack, and everything will be okay. This helps too, be positive, let them know they can breathe; they’re fine. But sometimes this can be a little suffocating, so make sure you’re not making him uncomfortable. Offer to go on a walk with him if he needs to move around. Sometimes crying helps, too. Or working on breathing and relaxation exercises in case of an attack. Hope that this helped!